What Others Say About Us…
What Our Patients Say…
“I cannot emphasize how pleased I am to have Dr. Zimmer as a resource for my patients. Not only has he proven himself to be a master in his chiropractic skills, but he also has been an awesome asset to me and my patients in his knowledge of nutrition, detoxification, and vitamin supplementation. He skillfully balances stellar clinical skills with a warm, jovial bedside manner. Not only do my patients all LOVE him, but they get better too!”
~ Ilana C., Nurse Practitioner
“As a nurse, I am aware most people do not look forward to going to their doctor for an exam. Having a warm, friendly physician and starff makes the experience less stressfull. That is what I always experience when I see Dr. Zimmer. I leave feeling not only physically better, but also mentally calm. His ability to put a patient at ease as well as his capable hands is why I do not only refer my patients but my daughter as well.”
~ Pat V., R.N.
"The depth of Dr. Zimmer’s nutrition knowledge is absolutely remarkable.  He is exceptionally talented at discovering the root causes of patients’ health concerns and providing counseling that gives expert nutritional guidance and answers for recovering health and wellness.  All will find him to be a man of immense integrity and genuine concern. I am always happy to make referrals to him and his highly experienced staff. I am proud to be able to call Dr. Ed Zimmer a colleague and a friend."
 ~ Camille R., Nutritionist
"I began going to Dr. Zimmer after a roller coaster accident. I had been to numerous Doctors, Physical Therapists, and Pain Management Specialists for severe headaches. They threw medications at me to the point that I had to take medicine to counteract the effects of other medicines. For years nothing worked. Dr. Zimmer took a genuine interest in me and my problem. He detoxified me and got me off all the medications (11 of them). Over the past five years, he has made my pain manageable and I have gotten my life back. If it were not for him, I would probably be dead by now!
My son also began seeing Dr. Z. He is mildly mentally handicapped. Dr. Z is awesome with him! He uses such care and reassurance when working with him. My son is totally at ease with Dr. Z, which is amazing to us because he is terrified by Doctors. Dr. Zimmer has truly impacted our lives on a level that few people ever have! He is an amazing Doctor, a wonderful person, and a true friend. Thank you Dr. Z!!! You have made a tremendous difference in our lives!"
~ Becky A., Indianapolis
"I have been fortunate enough to be a patient of Dr. Zimmer's for well over a decade now. I have a chronic myofascial pain syndrome for which Dr. Zimmer has carefully developed a treatment approach using chiropractic adjustments, stretching, myofascial release and trigger point therapy. Because of these treatments, I am able to function and I simply do not know what I would do without him! He always goes above and beyond and takes the time to talk with and listen to his patients. He encourages you to ask questions, which is a rarity in this day and age.
He truly cares about each patient and wants the best for them. He runs his practice with honesty and integrity and a total commitment to quality care. People look forward to coming in to see him not only because they feel better afterwards, but because he is such fun to be around! Dr. Z, as most patients call him, and his entire staff make everyone feel like family. He is simply the best!"
~ Donna P., Zionsville
"Dr. Zimmer is the first Chiropractor I went to for help with my back problems. I was nervous and did not know what to expect, but I was comforted by all of his great reviews on Angie's List. He spent time evaluating my problem, answering my questions, and explained everything he would do to treat me. I am now able to function with comfort and look forward to my appointments with him. I would not go anywhere else!"
~ Sally S., Carmel
"Zimmer Chiropractic is such a caring and compassionate office. On top of helping me with my pain, Dr. Z makes me laugh every time I visit. Dr. Zimmer is such a kind, humble man.  I love this office!"
~ Susan J., Indianapolis
"My how time flies...my husband and I have been coming to Dr. Zimmer for over ten years. The atmosphere is cheerful and friendly, from the front desk staff, chiropractic assistant , massage therapists and finally the doctor. I get a kick  out of his jokes and stories while Dr. Z adjusts me. He is very knowledgeable and I find him to be a great source of  information as relates to my anatomy, muscles, health and nutrition. It is obvious to me he loves his patients and takes good care of them...And I love my chiropractor too."
~ A-R Heinrich, Fishers
"I have been seeing Dr. Z for 17 years. The staff is helpful and friendly and Dr. Z is awesome! I would recommend and have recommended any of my friends to see him if they have an issue. He is not one of those chiropractors that you go see and they set you up for 3 times a week forever. If there is an injury, he will take the appropriate time and schedule you to come until the problem is resolved but he will also do maintenance where if you slept wrong or lifted something and you don't feel quite right, he can fix you up with a visit. He is very personable and a positive guy. Go see him to find out for yourself. You won't be disappointed."
~ Dominic R., Carmel
Dr. Zimmer and his staff truly care about your health needs and how they may best serve you. I have been a patient of his for many years and have found no better. I trust myself and my family to his care and recommend him heartily. I hope Dr. Z and I both live long and healthy lives. But I also hope to outlive him, so that I am always in his care.
~ Michael A., Indianapolis
"I am so thankful that I was referred to Dr. Zimmer.  I am finally getting answers to the questions about my health that have bothered me for so long.  After years as a regular exerciser, I began to struggle to complete my daily tasks.  I was dealing with regular pain in my stomach that made me want to lie down and curl up in a ball. I sought advice from my doctor and was told that I was depressed and offered medication.  I changed to a different doctor, had a full range of tests run, and was again told there was no medical reason for my fatique and it was probably due to depression.  After being referred to Dr. Zimmer for neck and back pain, I not only walked away feeling better physically, but I began to have hope that there were answers to my questions.  Dr. Zimmer helped me detoxify my body, build up my immune system, and deal with the imbalances that were causing my pain.
Dr. Zimmer is a storehouse of information about health and nutrition.  I have asked many questions and always been given a timely, well thought out explanation.  What impresses me the most about Dr. Zimmer is his willingness to listen and take the time to help even when there is no financial benefit to be gained.  I have come to trust “Dr. Z” because he has taken the time to explain things, treated me as a friend, and because the products he has suggested have actually improved my health.   I highly recommend Dr. Zimmer to my family and friends!  He has been a real blessing in my life!"
~ Beth T., Indianapolis
"Dr. Zimmer has earned our family’s respect through his commitment to excellent care. He has helped heal and brought pain relief for our entire family.  Dr. Zimmer uses his extensive nutritional knowledge to offer wise, effective supplement advice and stays current on new research for traditional and herbal medicines (he surpasses our internists).  While consistently recommending treatment plans that bring results, Dr. Zimmer even helps cure discouraged spirits with his upbeat attitude and warm laughter!   There are many medical offices that are closer to us, but this doctor is worth the drive!"
~ Debbie B., Zionsville
"Even if you can't crawl in (the message found on his clinic door is "Crawl-ins Welcome"), he also accepts carry-ins (which was me when I first came to see Dr. Z). If an adjustment won't help, he has alternative ways to help each problem (supplements, massage, stretching...). Also, he combines treatment with the joke of the day!"
~ Joy C., Cicero
“I was told many times by my medical doctors not to see a chiropractor. Since I knew nothing about chiropractic I listened to them for many years. I met Dr. Zimmer when I started going to his clinic for massages to help with my condition. I told him that I could not see a chiropractor. He accepted this and never pushed me to come see him. He did, over about three months, give me more and more information about chiropractic. One day, I decided to give it a try. I could not believe the reduction in my neck and low back pain. I have told him a number of times that I wished I had come to him years before. He is a very caring person and always makes you laugh. Thank you, Dr. Z.”
~ Greg B., Fishers
  “I came to Dr. Zimmer with 2 herniated discs and a lot of pain. The neurologist said surgery was my only choice. I decided to try a chiropractor. The surgery option did not appeal to me. I think I went to only 7 chiropractic sessions. I am sooooo glad I did. Today I am pain free. It’s unbelievable! He showed me what nutrients to take to help my body heal itself. I really appreciate his knowledge and he has a real knack for explaining things about your body in a way you can understand. Thanks Doc, you saved me from the knife. I will be forever thankful!”
~ Sharon C., Fishers
“I have been to a number of chiropractors in my life. Dr. Zimmer is unique in that he spends time with his patients to figure out what is really wrong. I am doing so much better since I started seeing him. Also, I have never been to a doctor who has so much knowledge about nutrition and can explain things in a way you can understand. I have learned so much and am healthier since knowing Dr. Zimmer. Thank you for your caring and for your sense of humor.”
~ George B., Fishers
"Dr Zimmer has helped keep our family healthy and feeling good for a number of years now. We have three very active boys who play all sports. Having their backs in proper alignment is very important. Dr. Zimmer is quite knowledgeable and very honest in all of our treatment. We make monthly visits to Dr. Zimmer to stay as healthy as we can and to help eliminate the stress that does occur with our active schedule."
~ Debbie M., Fishers