Educate & Eat Program
Are you a member of a church or social group that could use a speaker? Does your place of work ever have educational programs during lunch time? Do you need a dynamic speaker for your convention or large group meeting? If so, contact the clinic to discuss booking one of our doctors to speak at your event or place of work.
We call it our Educate & Eat Program because our lectures are the perfect length of time to fit into a lunch time slot. Our doctors donate a significant amount of their time to educate the community covering a wide range of topics. These are purely educational programs meant to inspire the audience to better their lives. No one has fallen asleep yet during one of these lectures, as they are fun and interactive. We do not promote specific products or services during these programs. And, we always leave time for a question and answer period at the end, which is our favorite time of the lecture.
Dr. Zimmer has spoken at various types of conventions (trade groups, bank meetings, insurance meetings, church retreats) in Colorado, Arizona, Indiana, and South Carolina. These sessions are always rated at the top of the favorite list by convention attendees! Contact Dr. Zimmer via email for additional information.