Chiropractic Manipulation
Manipulation (also known as "the adjustment") is the technique used by our doctors meant to re-establish the normal movement of the joints in your body. The majority of our manipulations involve your neck, mid-back and lower back. But, we also manipulate other joints in the body including shoulders, elbows, hands/wrists, hips, knees and the ankle/foot. Chiropractors are the only health care professionals who have extensive training in many joint manipulation techniques. Thus, chiropractic manipulation is different from what other health professionals use. Our doctors are a hands-on chiropractors using gentle and effective manipulation techniques.We also utilize physical therapy rehabilitation, electrical stimulation, ultrasound and roller tables in the treatment of our patients.  (The image to the right was a gift from a chiropractic friend from Israel. The patient and chiropractor are made from railroad spikes.)
Computerized Spinal Decompression
Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression is a revolutionary new technology used primarily to treat disc injuries in the neck and in the low back. It can also be effective for conditions caused by significant arthritic and degenerative disease of the spine, like spinal stenosis. This treatment option is very safe and utilizes FDA cleared equipment to apply distraction forces to spinal structures in a precise and graduated manner.
For the low back, the patient lies  comfortably on his/her back on the decompression table, with a set of nicely padded straps snug around the waist and another set around the lower chest. The picture to the right shows someone undergoing decompression for the lower back.

For the neck, the patient lies comfortably on his/her back with a pair of soft rubber pads behind the neck and a strap that goes comfortably across the forehead. The unit then relieves pressure in the neck by gently applying traction to the cervical region. Many patients enjoy the treatment, as it is usually quite comfortable and well tolerated.
When you suffer from disc degenerative disease (i.e.: herniated or bulging disc), the vertebra move closer to each other and compress. (see the top picture to the left)

Sometimes the disc (the shock absorbers between your vertebra) can push into the nerve as it leaves your spine to go down your leg or down your arm (see red arrow on the middle picture). As the vertebra move closer to each other and the disc fills in the space where the nerve comes out of your spinal cord you can suffer from pain in the neck or back and from significant pain or numbness down your arms, into your hands or into your leg down to your foot.
Spinal decompression therapy gently separates the vertebrae from each other, creating a vacuum inside the discs that we are targeting (see the bottom picture). This “vacuum effect” is also known as negative intra-discal pressure. This negative pressure may induce the retraction of the herniated or bulging disc into the inside of the disc and off the nerve root. The results can be quite dramatic.
If you suffer from disc pain or chronic arthritic pain to the neck or lower back, call the clinic to set up an appointment to see if spinal decompression may be right for you.
Functional Medicine Nutritional Counseling
Functional Medicine is an approach to health care that strives to find the true cause of dysfunction in your body. In most cases, the traditional medicine approach is focused on relieving symptoms, not on finding the cause of your symptoms. For example, if you have heartburn you will be prescribed a medicine to get rid of the symptoms but little will be done to figure out WHY you have heartburn. The functional medicine approach focuses on how proper function has been disrupted and works to normalize the systems of the body.
If you suffer from any digestive issues (heartburn, GERD, SIBO, IBS, Crohn's, U.C., constipation, etc.), Diabetes, Fatigue, Foggy Thinking, Mood problems, Anxiety, Fibromyalgia, Pain syndromes, or any type of Autoimmune disease you should consider making a Functional Medicine nutritional counseling appointment.
Both, Dr. Edward Zimmer and Dr. Samantha Miller have their Master's Degree in Functional Medicine and have extensive experience in working with many disease states. Visit our nutrition website for more detailed information.
Therapeutic Massage
Therapeutic massage is the manipulation of soft tissue with the goal of relieving muscle tension in order to restore balance and function to the body. Massage can help alleviate many chronic conditions, but is also beneficial in reducing physical stress and fatigue, promoting faster healing of acute injuries, and helping to maintain proper joint mechanics following a chiropractic adjustment. It also aids in improving circulation and lymphatic drainage which nourishes the joints, decreases inflammation, and increases flexibility. 
Our certified massage therapists have more than 15 years experience. Your massage experience at our medical facility will be not only relaxing but therapeutic. Our therapists possess a firm knowledge of how the muscles, fascia, and joints function together as a whole. This understanding is essential when working in a medical facility and treating patients with acute and chronic conditions. Some of the different techniques our therapists employ include: Deep tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Cupping, Myofascial Release, and Neuromuscular Therapy.

Will my Insurance Cover Massage Therapy?
Most patients are surprised to find out that their insurance company will cover massage therapy that is provided in a medical facility. Make sure you ask your insurance customer service representative if you have massage therapy coverage. If you do not have insurance coverage for massage, you will find that our prices are competitive and reasonable.