Functional Medicine
Do you suffer from Digestive Problems, Diabetes, Autoimmune Disease, Chemical Sensitivities or Pain Syndromes? Do you have concerns about Cholesterol, Anxiety, Mental Decline, or Fatigue?
You owe it to yourself to make a nutrition appointment with Dr. Samantha Miller or Dr. Edward Zimmer. Both have their Master's Degree in Functional Medicine but unlike the dozens of Functional Medicine clinics that have popped up in recent years, you will not have to spend THOUSANDS of dollars to get back on the road to better health. 
Functional Medicine is the art of trying to figure out what functions of the body have become imbalanced and how to normalize those functions for improved health. Traditional medicine concentrates on getting rid of the symptom without determining the real cause of the symptom.  Addressing the true cause makes much more sense for long-term health.
Our clinic is the longest practicing Functional Medicine facility in the Indianapolis area. Our approach to normalizing your health utilizes straight-forward, logical, and effective protocols that are second to none.
You will experience an interaction that will leave you with a clear understanding of what you need to do to get better. Best of all, there is no risk to you! We guarantee that you will end our consult with knowledge, clear direction and HOPE! If our consult does not meet your expectations you owe us nothing. Our passion is to help you in an honest, effective and logical manner.
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Visit Dr. Zimmer’s nutrition site to learn about detoxification, digestive cleansing or to set up your personalized nutritional consult. Read our Doctor's hard hitting and thought provoking articles on subjects like vaccinations, cholesterol, hormone replacement and many more!