Functional Medicine
Sometimes you get to a point where you are unsure of what steps to take next. There are so many options, so many differing opinions out there and getting guidance can become VERY expensive. Determining what to believe and which path to follow can become a daunting task. This can be true if you are suffering from a complex disease syndrome or even if you are just trying to figure out what supplements might be good to take for your unique life circumstances.
Dr. Edward Zimmer and Dr. Samantha Miller work with the sickest of patients who have been to every traditional doctor and many nutrition experts, but are still sick. We also work with patients who simply want to know what supplements might be good for them to take for good health. We DO NOT believe that you can simply take supplements to get better! We do not believe in taking large amounts of supplements for long, undefined periods of time. We believe in working with you to ferret out the true cause(s) of why you are feeling like junk.
You will experience an interaction that will leave you with a clear understanding of what you need to do to get better. Best of all, there is no risk to you! We guarantee that you will end our consult with knowledge, clear direction and HOPE! If our consult does not meet your expectations you owe us nothing. Our passion is to help you in an honest and logical manner.
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